New Proof of Concept call: bio-polymers, pigments, dyes & inks from algae


by Polly Douglas

Aquaculture Innovation Manager

Algae-UK and IBioIC announce a joint Proof of Concept call for projects addressing the technical challenges of delivering bio-polymers, natural pigments, dyes and inks from algae.

Algae-UK is pleased to announce the opening of all their funding calls – Proof of Concept, Business Interaction Vouchers (BIV), Summer Studentship Bursaries, Secondment and Travel Bursaries.

You will find more information, as well as application forms for the BIVs and Early Career Researcher bursaries, on the organisation’s funding pages.

Algae-UK and IBioIC are very pleased to be working together on the first Proof of Concept call, which aims to provide support for projects that help to address the technical challenges in delivering bio-polymers and natural pigments, dyes and inks from algae.

These compounds have a broad range of applications in several sectors. While there are some specific challenges associated with each sector and specific applications of polymer and pigment materials, there are some cross-cutting themes:

  • Sustainable and naturally sourced ‘ingredients’ and products;
  • Ensuring the product delivers to its main marketed purpose – e.g. stable natural polymers used in textile manufacture – but can then be biodegraded or effectively be recycled/reused at end of life;
  • Providing the key to disruptive sustainable technologies and solutions;
  • The added benefit of being applicable to more than one sector, with modification to formulation, stabilisation, etc.

Algae-UK and IBioIC therefore invite applications that address these themes to be submitted by 16:00hrs on the 28th February 2020. Applications involving industry partners will be given greater priority by Algae-UK and is essential for IBioIC funding.

For more information and the application form, please go to the Algae-UK website.