Industry capacity

Unlocking additional capacity for aquaculture development through innovative, evidence-based approaches.

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    Innovative rock anchors for aquaculture

    Developing an innovative new anchoring technology for the aquaculture industry to help enhance the sector’s environmental impact and support long-term sustainable growth.

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    Novel Approach to Monitoring Aquaculture Impacts (NAMAqI)

    Improved monitoring techniques for the measurement of sulphides analysis.

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    Developing DNA-based methodologies for seabed monitoring

    Development of a reliable, near real-time, alternative method of classifying seabed quality against water framework directive (WFD) standards to ensure compliance with regulation.

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    Increasing capacity for salmon farming in areas of high dispersion

    Better data on the benthic footprint of exposed sites; improved environmental monitoring and compliance; and increased production – both in terms of farming existing sites and developing new sites.

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    ExPAND: Expanding Environments, Physics and Accuracy in NewDEPOMOD

    Accurate and reliable predictive modelling of benthic impacts of salmon farming.

Distant fish farm and boats

Aquaculture Innovation Summit

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Aqua Nor


The power of a good story cannot be underestimated

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EMFF funding: final aquaculture round